Gigco: Escape the Gig Economy for download on the App Store Gigco: Escape the Gig Economy for download on the GooglePlay store
The vast warehouse setting of the fast paced gameplay in Gigco
Escape the Gig Economy: Gigco, released for iOS on January 21st
A Gigco employee, Nic

In the Gig Economy, you've got to get the job done - or risk automation.

You find yourself in the bowels of GIGCO, a sprawling superpower in online retail.

By tapping your phone (the tool that transportation, commerce and employment all run through) you race across the screen, moving from one conveyor belt to the next.

Your nemesis is the automated shipping robot, buzzing to take your job.

If you can't maneuver around the robots and complete your task, the lights dim; the warehouse transitions to fully automated, machine-vision.

  • In a world where Amazon, Uber, and Facebook have become one mega-corporation, you need to work, like, and subscribe to stay alive.
  • Defend your minimum-wage job against impending automation in quick-paced gameplay.
  • We all eat - play as four unique characters including men, women, non-binary folk, and furries.
  • Use the meta-app to uncover real world truths about contemporary labour conditions and the opportunities for organization.
  • A striking, generative soundtrack by Toronto-based recording artist and labour professor Ben McCarthy.
Gigco's resident furry, Fox
A Gigco employee, Lou
A Gigco employee, Nic
A Gigco shipping box

Games and game development share many interest with the labourers of the Gig Economy: this past month the UK's Game Worker's Union organized under the larger freelancers union (Independent Workers of Great Britain).

Gigco is interactive labour commentary in the form of a casual mobile game.

SpekWork is a studio exploring new political narratives through game design. It is the collaborative effort of three postsecondary instructors teaching from the intersections of art, labour, and emerging technologies.

A Gigco Box

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Jaq carries a box for delivery
Gigco employee stands amidst the vast shipping warehouse